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Hello everyone.

This is my final goodbye.

As in, I will be deleting most of my social profiles (LOL WISH ME LUCK ON THAT), just slowly trying to quit the Internet.

Now, for me, it is impossible to quit the Internet, because, well, I work as a web designer. I’m constantly online, looking up directions, lurking Amazon for thing I want need, and replying emails after emails after emails.

No, this isn’t the first time I’m quitting whatever the fuck I’m doing on the Internet (namely this website), and there is a possibility that I will return to social networking. Maybe I’ll relapse tomorrow. Maybe next week. Or three months from now. Who know? I certainly don’t. But, I am confident now that I don’t want to be involved this this crap anymore.

So, goodbye.
And fuck you guys. 


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02/05/2012 23:43:19

but no, really.

been virtually inactive for months.

looking at the shit I post;

I might as well just delete everything or some shit.

I don’t know, man, I don’t know.


02/05/2012 23:37:13

you’re all faggots.



12/27/2011 04:12:27

Who the fuck still uses this thing.


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Oh, here’s a shout out for fuckyeahthebloodbrothers.

I probably be posting music again soon that depicts my mood for the day.

That band (along with just a few others) tend to play in my head frequently.

Also, someone let me know if there’s a fuckyeah blog for DFA1979.


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In other news, my grandmother (mom’s side) died about three weeks ago, I hate waking up at 6 AM, and I support the Occupy events.

Actually stopped by to some protesters last night in downtown. Discussed about preparation for Saturday, as well as occupying, heard some stories.

I also hate being surrounded by people and am completely awkward and uncomfortable in social situations.

Also, here’s a question - murder, first or second.

I want to make sure that if I’m just completely ignorant or that one homeless lady is just fucking crazy.


10/14/2011 21:12:06 1

So, there’s this guy that I know for a while, he’s an acquaintance and all, see him around school, all that great stuff.

But, as of recent, as in the start of this quarter, he’s been oddly eyeing me and flirting around.

Again, I assume it to be harmless, but not for long.

Because you can only say so many sexual innuendos jokingly.

But you know, spanking me with a random roll, picking me up and carrying me around and hinting that he wants to bite my neck only makes me want to pursue what was coming ahead despite the fact that I already had someone else, even though not many people know about it.

Earlier this week, he appeared with his vampire teeth, and got hold of my neck, where he left a bunch of cuts and a decent bruise on my right shoulder.

At this point, I was thinking ‘fuck class’ and ‘where is the nearest empty room’, because, well, he bit my fucking neck.

And now, all I’m going to say is, this quarter may just start to get a bit more interesting.


10/14/2011 21:07:06 1

Now that we’re dating and stuff, and getting to know each other more (backwards, but what the fuck ever), I now know that he’s polyamorous and sexually adventurous (I cannot think of a better term for this).

Coming from the fucking bullshit that I dealt with from the past year, I was somewhat shocked and confused, because he’s actually okay with that shit?

I mean, I don’t think he even knows that I’m bi (or whatever the fuck you want to call it, I’ve been using pan for years before everyone decided to fuck shit up), but I feel like that I’m being put in the most awkward position ever because way back, when I first started college, I was too, open and explorative and pro-sexuality (well, I still am that last part) and it was from after all the fucking of everyone that was in the vicinity of student housing and this school (I had tons of lays. Like, five too many.) , I was broken down and torn apart to where someone had to go manipulate my emotions big fucking time, and I’ve been a total hermit for about every social thing until recent.

I mean, I sense a sincere disappointment when it sounded that I wasn’t as open as he was. And that I fucking hate threesomes to the point that if I saw a porn vid with more than two people in it, I would get completely turned off and close the lid on my laptop.

And I fucking hate, Hate, HATE IT when a guy has like two or three chicks on his dick and say something along the lines “I’m so lucky.”

It fucking disgusts me.

Any way, it’s funny that he mentioned that he would happen to like more than one person at a time, to the point that he would actually pursue it. Not because that just only happens to me sometimes, but…

Side fact – every time I magically get involved with someone, a flock of other people start to flirt or gain my attention or otherwise also follow me around like a sick, lost puppy. I don’t know if it’s because I just notice it since I now have someone, but it just happens.

And this time is no exception.


10/14/2011 20:53:06

Now, don’t think that I completely dislike this guy and just using him or some shit, because, really, I do enjoy his company. I get the butterflies in my stomach feeling thing, putting on a stupid grin and everything.

He’s cute in an awkward way, I like him a lot more when he’s not surrounded by people where he get this weird voice going and a stupid grin on his face, but, then again, I do the same fucking thing.

His actual voice is quite nice. It kind of gives me shivers.

Also, I can now be comfortable to the point that we’re yelling over stupid shit like how Russia is part of both Asia and Europe, and that Antarctica is a fucking continent.

Also, openly talk about porn and hentai and learn that I really am a perverted person.

Quite comfortable, yes.


10/14/2011 20:43:06 1

The sad part about this is that he kind of looks like my ex-boyfriend from high school, except with even more facial hair and a lot, lot shorter.

That’s pretty fucking sad.

I am somewhat disgusted with myself.


10/14/2011 20:33:05 2

But, no, even though I knew what was coming, in the back of my head, I decided to keep it cool, because, I don’t know, he did seem like a harmless dork. But then, I also remembered that I haven’t had sex in over 9 months, and if someone was willing to go to the lair of a female where they would be all alone, then this would just be a quick, possibly awkward one, no strings attached type of thing.

And I was completely okay with that.

So, he did the typical move - inch closer to my body, brush the hand to the thigh, moving it closer and closer - 

And from there on my couch has been brutally violated once again (this dumpster couch has seen too much action, just too much.), the bed, yeah, whatever, you get it.

Oh, by the way, we didn’t know each other names until after all of that.

I think that was a new personal low, although I’m sure it wasn’t the first time, I just don’t remember who it was with.

…Never mind, that was a new personal low.

But, the real fucking kicker was - ALAS, HE REALLY WAS A DORK, because even though he knew what he was doing, it somehow registered that now we had sex, that was an agreement to date.

Well, fuck. Last time I checked, that wasn’t.

It really wasn’t.

I mean that was like terms to go “FUCK NO” and kick him out and hopefully never see him again.

But, nah, I decided to go along with it. Because I have nothing better to do and it was probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the past few months.

Also, I have a soft spot for weird people that are as much of an asshole as I am.

I also know that I will forever attract Puerto Ricans against my will.

TL;DR - I fucked a short Puerto Rican boy and now we’re dating.


10/14/2011 20:23:06

I entered a lab in the wee hours of the morning, since there was nothing better to do, where I saw only two people I recognized, and a bunch of first quarter students having a serious discussion about Halo (gaaaaaaay), and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the projector screen (gaaaaaay).

After watching a srs battle on screen, there was a guy that got hold of one of the controllers, and I followed as well, where I gave him a half-assed ass beating due to what little I remembered of the controls and button mashing because I truly don’t give a flying fuck, it was 4 in the morning and there was nothing better to do. That quickly ended, and the guy just ended up playing a demo of Dead Rising 2, in which I discovered that he, too, did the same bullshit critiquing of games and doing stupid shit that I, only in this hour, find truly hilarious.

So yes, from there we clicked over some stupid shit until it was time to go eat some damned pancakes.

From there we just discussed some more, completely oblivious that he was doing the following me around like a lost, sick puppy routine until I finally had a chance to go home. I pretty much planned that, even though I haven’t slept in over somewhere 30 to 40 hours, I wasn’t tired at all and was going to spend time watching the Venture Bros. until I had to do a wake-up call for a friend. The guy that was with me asked if he could come along, for he stated that he enjoyed the Venture Bros. and would like to kill time watching it as well.

Here’s the thing about this guy, folks - 

He’s about 5’1”, lots of facial hair, plain-framed glasses (and that’s how you can tell he’s an animation student instead of design student, stylish frames [I’m not fucking kidding]), and tragically Puerto Rican.

Here’s a visual:
Glorious MS Paint portrait.

He’s a dork.

Looked very harmless.

I did not see anything coming.

I’m just a really nice person that just likes to share the experience of watching Adult Swim shows.

So yes, there he followed back to my lair, where he then tells me that he doesn’t watch that show that much (and THERE, OFF GOES THE RED FLAG, because dragging a male into the vicinity of a home of a female, where she lives all alone), so, fuck it, watch the first season, plop on the couch, and I try to keep my distance.


10/14/2011 20:13:06

So, since I left off, the day of my birthday, I decided to go to that all-nighter bullshit to hopefully do some work for a class that I critically did not care about, but instead found myself sleeping in the lab and taking a riveting walk to Burger King while being involved with an operation of a water balloon fight.

Fact: there are no adults at art school, just large children, some mildly retarded.

I was also supposed to have an online “date” with someone I met on OkCupid, but seeing that I was going to go get half naked to fill some water balloons in the back of someone’s truck, which was covered in tarp to fill it with water (yes, it is exactly what you are thinking), on top of that my phone was dead due to my negligence, he seemed to be a bit PO’d about my lack of responses, and while I did give him a four star rating in the QuickMatch, I truly do not give a flying fuck.

I hope someone here finds my writing as riveting as I do (Except for you, Michael). Because it’s nothing but srsbsns here.

While the water balloon fight was the most exciting social moment since I moved out of student housing over a year ago, I seriously thought that my night was over and was just waiting for the breakfast just to find out that Deacon wasn’t going to show up to make them. Quite disappointing indeed.

And so the story continues.


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